Our philosophy

Mailjet was founded with the aim of providing a powerful tool — for developers and novices alike — to manage emails from A to Z, in a very simple way. We are based in Paris, we are funded and have been cash positive since day one!

Mailjet's algorithm optimises your deliverability. As 20% of legitimate email never gets to the inbox, it's a priority. The performance of your sending is our number one focus. All our functionalities reinforce your everyday efficiency.

Mailjet has developed a unique proprietary technology which is conceived to leverage the cloud power. This allows us to offer an exceptional scalability: our capacity evolves as your needs change.

Mailjet is easy to install and easy to use. From the configuration to the sending, everything is simplified to the maximum. Our interface is intuitive and our Support Team is always by your side if needed.

Your needs come before our revenues. Our objective is very clear: we want to offer the best possible value, for all our clients, no matter the size. To guarantee this, check our prices: they are simple and transparent.

Our History

Even during its creation, Mailjet was already very simple and efficient. The whole project took off in less than a month!

At the end of May 2010, Julien Tartarin and Wilfried Durand met in Nantes, France, their city of origin. They chatted over drinks. Julien had an idea in mind: mutualize email sending. Their competences were complementary, so they teamed up to do something together.

A few days pass by and Wilfried went to a Web event in Toulon, southern France. There, he met Thibaud Elzière, a entrepreneur himself and a person who loves good ideas. Enthusiasm, first drafts: off it went! The team quickly became finalized: Nicolas Chaunu (who was working with Wilfried), and Quentin Nickmans, (Thibaud's business partner), join the project.

They pulled a few all-nighters and the product took shape. A beta version was launched right after Le Web 2010 and the first version went live in February 2011.

3 years later, Mailjet has a team of more than 40 people all around the world, took on a multi-million round of funding and sends tens of millions each week for some of the world's greatest companies and organizations! The company has offices in 5 countries and its product is available in 4 different languages. Next step: grow worldwide!

Management Team

Alexis Renard
Chief Executive Officer

Founder of AchatPro and ex-CEO of b-process, Alexis joined Mailjet as our Chief Pilot to further drive enterprise sales and our rapid international expansion.

Lynn Segal
Chief Financial Officer

After managing the finances of Oracle, Yahoo! and Photobucket , Lynn is CFO at Mailjet and pilots our financial and administrative teams.

Julien Tartarin
Founder & Chief Product Officer

Julien is Mailjet's architect. He's the one who takes the strategic decisions and who's in charge of our "vision". He decides on the new features to come!

Ludo Brands
Chief Technology Officer

Ludo has extensive development experience in companies such as Compaq and Lexmark. He pilots Mailjet's development team and constantly strives to enhance Mailjet's service every day.

Wilfried Durand
Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Co-founder of Mailjet, Wilfried now leads the support team. He manages the request flow, advises his teams spread across the globe and improves the quality of our customer service 24/7.

Edouard Level
Head of sales

With over 13 years sales experience including layovers at both Emailvision and ExactTarget, Edouard uses his expertise in sales, emailing and deliverability to develop and expand Mailjet's direct acquisition channel.

Judy Boniface
Chief Marketing Officer

Judy brings marketing operations expertise, international management experiences and entrepreneurial passion to lead the marketing team at Mailjet. She champions the Mailjet branding and omni-channel marketing strategy.

Postmaster and Abuse Information

You can contact our abuse service if you received unsolicited email from our servers. Please make sure to include all headers of concerned email and/or all information that might help our team to identify the email and its sender.

Abuse service: abuse@mailjet.com
Editor: Alexis Renard

Corporate Address

Mailjet SAS

37 bis Rue du Sentier
75002 Paris

T: +33 972 239 999

Legal notice

Mailjet SAS

RCS Paris B 524 536 992
Social capital: 39,356.48 €
VAT number: FR67524536992

Servers are hosted at OVH SAS - RCS Roubaix – Tourcoing 424 761 419 00045 - Capital : 10,000,000 €